Sustainable Communities

Breaking new ground in sustainable living.

The on-going environmental and climatic challenges we face today are largely anthropogenic.  Affluent, carbon-intensive ways of life  have a strong negative impact on global sustainability. As developing countries, led by China and India, march steadily towards economic prosperity, our environmental footprint is expected to grow at an unprecedented rate.

SFC offers services to help communities develop a Sustainable Community Plan. This approach looks into a community’s energy, land and resource usage. These assessments result in changes in materials use and processes that not only promote  environmental responsibility but realize cost savings, as well:

     »Environmentally responsible economic development – advocacy and assessments

     »Reinvestment in your community through your youth organizations

    »Reduce your community’s carbon footprint by implementing sustainable management systems at your local government and NGO’s

     »Use an ecosystem perspective to guide the development of public access routes and infrastructure elements on public lands

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